Perfect rhythm finale

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104 uit de 100 mogelijke punten.
4 extra omdat ik zn ringtone die afging tijdens het examen had uitgeschreven.
 — bij The New School New York

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Bericht van Tadjiro Velzel 03.00 in de app: Ben toegelaten in The New School Coltrane ensemble, een elite ensemble binnen de new school geleid voor Reggie Workman (bassist van het John Coltrane)
Jurjen Velzel:Was hij erbij !
tadjiro Velzel: Yess dat is de leider van het ensemble
Tadjiro Velzel: Is inmiddels 81
Tadjiro Velzel: vraag aan Reggie Workman Ben ik toe gelaten?
Reggie Workman: is de paus Katholieke?

Composer and bass virtuoso Reggie Workman teaches his students at the School of Jazz and Contemporary…
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Eerste les bij Braxton Cook

 Eerste les bij Braxton Cook !

Braxton cook started off with mentioning that he casually met up with logic the other day and that his friends produced three tracks on the last Drake album: scorpion.Braxton is not a musician, he's an artist. One of the few today who are able to both reflect society and bring joy and expression.
The two things that caused music to exist in the first place.

Playing with Braxton reminds me of playing with Rafael Sinay. Playing with a friend who truly listens and shares intrinsic excitement through music with me.

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